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‘A Taste of Galway’ is a food network that celebrates the magical hospitality Galway offers throughout the year. We showcase the best places to eat, drink and stay when visiting Galway City or County, along with its top producers who supply the restaurants, cafés, and bars.

Baked fish with lemon and garlic, highlighting local ingredients from Galway City and County.

WELCOME to Galway City & County

Nestled along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Galway is a captivating region pulsating with cultural richness and exquisite culinary adventures. No wonder it has become a world leader in gastronomy, attracting visitors and food enthusiasts from far and wide. Galway’s stunning surroundings, vibrant food community, and dedication to fresh, high-quality produce have all propelled it to international culinary acclaim, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking delicious Irish cuisine.

Envision hotels, restaurants, and cafes nestled along a rugged coastline, where age-old fishing traditions harmonise with a vibrant artistic ambiance. Galway’s allure extends beyond the dining experience, as its dramatic coastline invites exhilarating water sports, windswept mountains lure adventurous hikers, and lively towns resonate with traditional music and storytelling.

Food Tours Across Galway County

Connemara. Photo by Chaosheng Zhang

Close your eyes and imagine succulent seafood freshly sourced from the wild Atlantic, or picture yourself sampling plump oysters plucked fresh from our famous Galway Bay.

Enjoy a hearty stew in front of a cozy pub fireplace, while admiring one of our stunning lake views; or savour artisan cheeses crafted with the care of generations.

Galway County offers not just a culinary journey, but a sensory delight. Here, food transcends mere sustenance; it embodies a celebration of heritage, community, and unadulterated joy.

A Culinary Adventure in Galway City

Galway Hookers. Galway City. Photo by Nicholas Grundy

Start your adventure along the Wild Atlantic Way in Galway City, a vibrant mosaic of artisan and fine-dining establishments. Explore our bustling Latin Quarter, or an irresistible food scene bursting with flavour and culture in Galway’s West End.

Salthill Village, renowned for its popular promenade and summer festivities, seamlessly blends the salty sea-breeze with vibrant pubs and charming cafes, thus offering a sense of coastal magic, only a couple of km from Galway City centre.

Whether you’re seeking Michelin-starred restaurants or cozy pubs, authenticity reigns supreme in Galway City and County. Whether you’re in search of food festivals at the height of summer, or creative culinary experiences in the spring and autumn, Galway has it all.

Stroll with loved ones and friends through bustling markets brimming with local treasures, or immerse yourself in the jovial atmosphere of lively pubs, and let the melodies of traditional music echo through the streets.

Galway City Centre
Galway City. Photo by Chaosheng Zhang

So, come and indulge your craving for adventure and explore the vibrant soul of Galway City and County, one delectable bite at a time.

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