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Discover the Best Seafood in Galway

Welcome to your ‘Local’s Guide’ to finding the best seafood restaurants in Galway. In this feature, we will take you into the heart of Galway’s food scene, exploring where to find the freshest catch and the best places to indulge in your favourite seafood delights.

With its rich seafood tradition, diverse culinary offerings, and commitment to sustainability, Galway is a seafood lover’s paradise.

A Taste of the Wild Atlantic Way

From generations of fishermen in Connemara, to bustling fish markets in the city, Galway’s vibrant seafood culture and connection to the Wild Atlantic ocean permeates the region’s culinary landscape.

The Best Fish & Chips in Galway

Our member venues are renowned for their seafood specialties and fine dinning specials, however you can’t visit Galway without first sampling traditional fish and chips. So first up – we’ve picked our favourites: Seven and The Front Door Pub:

Seven Bar

Dive into a culinary adventure with the Seven Bar’s signature Fish & Chips, a delectable delight that celebrates the essence of Galway’s coastal charm. Crafted with only the freshest, locally sourced fish, each bite is a testament to sustainability and flavour. Enveloped in a crispy Galway Hooker Pale Ale batter, every golden piece promises a crunchy exterior and a tender, flaky interior. Accompanied by chunky tartare sauce and velvety mushy peas, this classic dish is elevated to perfection.

Fish and chips with lemon at Seven, Galway
Fish & Chips at Seven, Galway

Crispy, Golden and Delicious – The Front Door’s Fish & Chips!

Made with only the freshest market fish of the day, this dish is fried to perfection in a crispy batter that adds a delightful crunch to every bite. The fish is served alongside a generous helping of minted mushy peas, which are both flavourful and vibrant. To complement the dish, their expert chefs have whipped up a homemade tartar sauce that’s tangy, creamy and simply delicious. Their chips are crispy on the outside and perfectly fluffy on the inside, making them the ideal accompaniment to this staple dish.

Fish and Chips at the Front Door Pub, Galway. The best seafood restaurants in Galway guide.
Fish and Chips

Seafood Restaurants: A Taste of Galway

When it comes to dining out, Galway boasts an array of seafood restaurants that showcase the region’s finest local produce. No visit to Galway is complete without sampling some of it’s signature seafood dishes. Whether your palate yearns for globally-inspired dishes crafted from the finest locally-sourced ingredients, or you crave the comforting embrace of traditional Irish cuisine, we have curated a list of the premier seafood establishments in Galway to suit every taste.


Fragrant Cataplana

This dish embodies the heart and soul of Portugal’s rich culinary heritage, combined with locally sourced ingredients. The Cataplana is well known to have originated in the fishing villages of the Portuguese region of Algarve, where it’s now seen as a symbol of the local cuisine.

This culinary gem brims with a seafood symphony of clams, prawns and fish, combined with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and aromatic spices. Sealed within the Cataplana pot, this medley steams to perfection, infusing every bite with the essence and flavour of the sea. This dish cannot be separated from its social tradition – as the dish steams away, diners gather around to share both the dish and the joy of communal dining.

Clams, prawns and fish, combined with potatoes, onions, tomatoes, garlic, fresh herbs and aromatic spices. The best seafood restaurants in Galway guide.
Fragrant Cataplana


Line caught mackerel with oyster emulsion, sea herbs and sea kale.

“As the weather warms up the mackerel search for food closer to the shore, this allowed us to buy some beautiful line caught mackerel from our supplier. It felt natural to pair it with a selection of aromatic sea herbs foraged on the beach, and we finished the dish with an oyster emulsion that added a creamy element to the dish with flavours from the sea”. Jp McMahon.

Line caught mackerel with oyster emulsion, sea herbs and sea kale.
Line caught mackerel with oyster emulsion, sea herbs and sea kale.

Brasserie on the Corner

Pan-fried Salmon Courgette & Butternut Parisienne with Warm Miso Dressing 

Locally sourced ingredients, inventive flavours, and utilising the best seasonal produce is the mantra of Brasserie on the Corner. Experience culinary excellence with Brasserie on the Corner’s Pan-Fried Salmon, made using locally sourced ingredients and cooked to perfection by Head Chef Joe Flaherty. The dish is a perfect balance of sweet and savoury flavours. The salmon is paired with a mouth-watering side of Courgette & Butternut Parisienne, which is made even more delectable with a warm miso dressing. This dish is flavour-filled and visually striking, with bursts of orange and purple against the salmon’s pink tint. This dish is a true culinary masterpiece that will leave you craving for more.

Salmon on a grey dish with salad and blue backdrop, showcasing the best seafood in Galway.
Pan-fried Salmon Courgette & Butternut Parisienne with Warm Miso Dressing

Cava Bodega

Tapas are not only a way of eating, they are a way of living! So whether you are popping in for a quick tapa and a glass of vino, or gathering with a group of friends or family, Cava Bodega is the perfect place to enjoy the tapas way of life!

Clams cooked in Fino sherry and a rich seafood (squid and prawns) tomato sauce.

 Almejas a lá Marinera & Fino Sherry
Almejas a lá Marinera & Fino Sherry.

Guys Bar, Clifden – Connemara

Guys Bar is one of the oldest establishments in Connemara. It is renowned for its local seafood and classic Irish dishes, and it’s definitely one of our top places to visit when heading out along the Wild Atlantic Way.

Guys seafood menu showcases the best of Connemara seafood from local suppliers, such as Dooncastle Oysters, Killary fjord shellfish and Connemara fisheries in Cornamona.

Shane O’Grady & family, continue the tradition started by his parents, who in the 1960s opened O’Grady’s seafood restaurant, one of the best known fish restaurants in Ireland at the time.

Today, Guy’s seafood specials include traditional Connemara Chowder, served with our original homemade brown bread, classic prawn cocktail, traditional fish and chips, Connemara smoked salmon, our famous seafood skillet and seafood specials featuring market fresh local fish.

Guy’s Bar – Seafood Restaurant

La Vissuta

La Vissuta is an Italian restaurant on the High Street in Tuam. Owned by Madrid native, Pedro Ledesma, who has an excellent relationship with his local fishmonger – Bertie Glancy at Galway Seafresh. Pedro looks at what is available for the Catch of the Day. He also buys a fresh seafood mix for paella and seafood risotto/pasta/pizza. One of the most popular ways he prepares ‘Catch of the Day’ is simply hake, or sea bream, pan-fried with lemon, salt and pepper and paprika. He might put fried cubes of chorizo on top and mussels on the side, or make skewers of monkfish and prawns to be served with seafood risotto.


Portán Potaithe | Potted Crab –
Our member venues are celebrated for their commitment to exceeding expectations, and ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. Pota exemplifies this dedication!

Not only have they shared a gorgeous dish with crab from Niamh and Bertie on Inis Mór, Velvet Cloud Sheep’s Yoghurt, beautiful fresh fennel from Beechlawn and leaves from Garraí Glas – they went the extra mile and shared the recipe as well.

Grab your recipe card HERE in both Irish & English.

Blas na Gaillimhe – Portán Potaithe | Potted Crab

Bhí muid ag dul sa tseans go hiomlán leis an oideas seo i dtús ama. Is ag tagairt siar a bhí muid do na sean-mhodhanna coinnithe sliogéisc sula raibh caint ar veaineanna fuaraithe ná tada mar sin ann.

Bhí a fhios againn go raibh scoth an phortáin le fáil ó Niamh agus Bertie ar Inis Mór, bhí a fhios againn go raibh blas álainn ar Iógairt Chaorach Velvet Cloud ó Aisling agus Seán agus bhí a fhios againn go raibh finéal breá úr agu Pádraig agus Úna in Beechlawn. Chuireamar chuile rud le chéile le dullí áille úra ó Aonghus sa Gharraí Glas agus ar chaoi éigin d’oibrigh sé láithreach!

Is fearr an t-oideas seo a réiteach lá sula n-itheann tú é ach beidh sé go hálainn go fóill uair an chloig théis duit é a réiteach nuair a bheidh deis ag na blasanna ar fad teacht le chéile.

The Best Seafood Restaurants in Galway Guide

Thai Garden Galway

“Our Thai Style Seafood Chowder is a culinary fusion inspired by the breathtaking coastal charm of Galway and the vibrant flavours of Thailand. Made with the freshest locally sourced seafood and infused with aromatic Thai spices, it’s a taste of seaside bliss with an exotic twist”.

Thai Seafood Chowder on black backdrop
Thai Seafood Chowder

The Cellar Bar

Irish Oak Smoked Salmon

Indulge in the exquisite flavours of The Cellar Bar’s Irish oak smoked salmon, nestled atop freshly baked homemade brown bread. This culinary masterpiece is elevated with a zesty citrus and dill mayonnaise, delicate baby capers, and a refreshing lemon wedge. Accompanied by a vibrant salad garnish, every bite is a symphony of textures and tastes, celebrating the finest seafood traditions with a touch of Irish charm.

Irish Oak Smoked Salmon
Irish Oak Smoked Salmon.

The Dáil Bar

Seafood Chowder

What seafood dish list is complete without the classic Seafood Chowder? Indulge in the exquisite taste of The Dáil Bar’s Seafood Chowder. This classic dish is expertly prepared by combining a variety of fresh and smoked fish, resulting in a flavourful and hearty meal that is sure to satisfy your appetite. The chowder’s creamy texture and rich flavour showcase the very best of Irish cuisine, making it a must-try dish for anyone who loves seafood. Whether you’re a fan of traditional Irish dishes or simply enjoy a good bowl of comforting chowder, The Dáil Bar’s Seafood Chowder is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Traditional Seafood Chowder with Brown Bread
Traditional Seafood Chowder

Tom Sheridan’s

Fillet of Hake

Treat your senses and savour the exquisite taste of a pan-fried fillet of Hake. Served with a medley of grilled vegetables boasting a tangy, fresh tomato flavour and a hint of smoky paprika, it is topped with an exquisite coriander olive tapenade that will leave you wanting more. As a perfect complement, a side of soft, creamy boiled baby potatoes completes the dish. Enhance your culinary experience with their perfectly paired wine offering!

Fillet of Hake with potatoes and glass of white wine, showcasing the best seafood in Galway.
Fillet of Hake

12 Hotel

Oceanic Delight Duo | Pan-Fried Filet of Hake

Hake filet with miso-goat curd, broccolini, chili, baby potatoes, and mustard beurre blanc.

Stuffed Squid: Squid with sundried tomato, chorizo, potato, chives

West Restaurant 

We couldn’t possibly share ‘The Best Seafood Restaurants in Galway’ guide, without a lobster dish…

So check out this gorgeous Galway Bay Pot Lobster, Coconut, Lemongrass, Finger lime and Chilli.

Lobster, coconut and lemon grass on a blue dish at The West Restaurant, Barna. Showcasing the best seafood in Galway.

This beautiful dish is local and sustainably caught lobster, poached, grilled gently over embers, then finished with a spicy Thai broth and finger lime. This is currently the 3rd course served on West Restaurant’s 8 course tasting menu.

Cooking with Galway’s Seafood

No seafood blog would be worth it’s while without some pasta dishes. So, we bring you the master of pasta – Tony Casa.

Bring the taste of Galway’s seafood into your own kitchen with these simple, fun and easy to follow pasta cooking classes. With the freshest ingredients at your fingertips, cooking with Galway’s seafood is a culinary adventure waiting to happen – and Tony will show you how!

Check out Pasta a Casa Classes, with Tony

“Cozze e patate (mussels and potato) is a classic dish from Naples. Personally, I love a good carb on carb option, from a chip butty to a sausage and potato pizza. As always, I use the best local, organic and seasonal produce I can find – and for this dish I used some beautiful mussels from Kelly’s Oysters“. Tony


“Every year in Italy I have a dish in a restaurant by the sea that involves small gnocchi and local seafood.  This video is my take on this traditional dish, using local ingredients at their very best”. Tony







The dish is finished with wild garlic oil and Italian bottarga.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit

Gran Grans Sauces

Cooking at home has never got easier with Gran Grans sauces:

“We can proudly say that our seafood sauces are the only ones made in Ireland. Most of them like Collmans or Bramwell’s are from Britain . We produce them all in our kitchen in Kilcolgan. Co. Galway. Our range includes Tartare Sauce, Dill sauce and Marie Rose sauce. All made in small batches and Gluten free”.  

Seafood Festivals and Events

Throughout the year, Galway hosts a variety of seafood festivals and events that celebrate the region’s maritime heritage. From the Galway International Oyster Festival to a month-long series of food celebrations with Blas na Bealtaine – these events offer the perfect opportunity to sample local seafood delicacies, while soaking up Galway’s lively atmosphere.

Sustainable Seafood Practices

In Galway, sustainability is key when it comes to seafood. With a growing awareness of the importance of preserving our oceans, many local seafood businesses are committed to sustainable fishing practices. By choosing seafood that’s been sourced responsibly, you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind, knowing it’s been harvested in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Seafood Producers:

Galway Bay Seafoods, The Docks, Galway.

Gannet Fishmongers, Ballybane, Galway.

Hooked – Ali’s Fish Market, Henry Street, Galway.


DK Connemara Oysters.

Dooncastle Oysters, Connemara.

Kellys Oysters, Kilkcolgan, County Galway.

Smoke House

Connemara Smokehouse.

Galway Bay Seafoods.

Thank you for reading our Best Seafood Restaurants in Galway Guide – Our next feature will guide you to Galway’s finest Tapas and Sharing Plates.

Discover The Best Vegetarian Dining in Galway

Craving delicious vegetarian fare in Galway?

Look no further than this guide, which is designed to tantalise the taste buds of both locals and visitors alike. Embark on a culinary adventure through Galway’s thriving vegetarian and plant-based scene, uncovering a treasure trove of seasonal delights. Thomas, from Woodberry’s, renowned for their quality fine wines at exceptional value, joins the journey, suggesting the perfect pairings to elevate a selection of his favourite dishes. And to truly immerse yourself in this culinary exploration, we’ve curated a collection of tempting recipes for you to recreate at home.

So, what are you waiting for?

Let this guide to vegetarian dining in Galway inspire you to visit our member venues and savour their tasty creations firsthand!

A Community of Culinary Enthusiasts

Chef plating up a vegetarian dish.
Please Note: This guide gives you a feel for the kind of dishes provided by our members. Menus may vary every week.

Nestled along Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, Galway is a captivating region pulsating with cultural richness and exquisite culinary adventures. No wonder it has become a world leader in gastronomy, attracting visitors and food enthusiasts from far and wide. Galway’s stunning surroundings, vibrant food community, and dedication to fresh, high-quality produce have all propelled it to international culinary acclaim. This makes it a must-visit destination for those seeking delicious and wholesome vegetarian cuisine.

Tribal Foods, Athenry. Group of people touring Liam's farm. Showcasing the very best Galway produce.
Preserves & chilli sauces made the traditional way with fresh fruit & herbs grown at Tribal Foods farm in Athenry. Glasshouse growers since 1935.

The booming growth of vegetarian dining in Galway is a heartwarming testament to the welcoming and inclusive spirit of our member venues. Restaurants and shops go the extra mile to accommodate special dietary requests, fostering a warm atmosphere where everyone can savour the region’s culinary delights.

So, start making your weekend plans – for Galway has something to tempt every taste bud!

Orange and Roasted Vegetarian Dish in White Bowel

Galway’s Diverse Vegetarian Offerings Cater To Every Craving

In the past, vegetarian dining often meant settling for bland, meatless versions of traditional dishes. However, the vegetarian scene in Galway has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years, with plant-based cuisine emerging as a culinary powerhouse. From innovative meat substitutes to Michelin-starred plant-based creations, vegetarian dining is now a world of exciting flavours and culinary possibilities.

Galway’s diverse offerings cater to every taste and occasion: from cozy cafes serving up hearty vegetarian breakfasts, to bustling pub lunches with warming vegetarian stews, and award winning fine-dining establishments offering exquisite plant-based menus that tantalise even the most discerning palate.

A Vegetarian Culinary Adventure Beckons

Start your day with a hearty brunch at The Pear Tree Café & Wine Bar, featuring fluffy pancakes and tasty options like the “Savoury Slice of Artisan Sourdough Toast (from Sullivan’s Country Grocer), Smashed Avo, Cherry Tomatoes, Baked Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds.” This dish is a good call if you’re looking for something delicious and healthy! Avocados provide a generous dose of vitamins E, K, and C! The cherry tomatoes are rich in antioxidants, and the pumpkin & sunflower seeds brings not only a crunchiness but it is also packed with vitamin E and good source of healthy fats.

Even if you are not vegetarian you will feel impressed how a simple dish can bring so much flavour.

Indulge in a vegetarian delight at The Dáil Bar with their “Creamy Pesto Vegetarian Penne,” featuring perfectly cooked pasta tossed in a luscious pesto sauce with colourful peppers and spring onions. Sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and accompanied by toasted garlic ciabatta, this dish celebrates robust flavours and satisfying textures, proving that vegetarian dining can be both comforting and delicious.

Pasta in a white bowel from The Dail Bar, showcasing vegetarian dining in Galway.

Follow the foodie trail to the gorgeous thatched Pota Café in the heart of the Connemara Gaeltacht and savour their vibrant vegan “Black Garlic Miso Mushrooms and Kale, with Roast Carrot Hummus and Toasted Seeds on Sourdough.” Muisriúin agus Cál in Miso Ghairleog Dhubh le Hummus Cairéad Rósta agus Síolta Tóstáilte ar Tósta Géarthaosráin.

“In POTA, tugaimid Bric-Féasta ar ‘Brunch’ mar go gcreidimid go mba chóir dó a bheith ina féasta ceart! Mar sin, má tá tú sa tóir ar oideas álainn bricfeasta nó lón atá fóinteach, séasúrach agus véigeánach, seo chugat é. (Agus má tú sásta é a bheith díreach feoilséantóireach, cuir ubh scallta ar a bharr!)

In POTA, we call our brunch ‘Bric-Féasta’, meaning ‘Break-Feast’ because we think it should be a real feast! If you’re looking for a tasty breakfast or lunch dish that’s hearty, seasonal and vegan, this is it – and if you don’t mind it being vegetarian instead, stick a poached egg on it.” Diarmuid.

Pair your Pota experience with Woodberry’s recommended wine: Uibel “Mobius” Gruner Veltliner 2019. This unfiltered and un-fined Grüner Veltliner boasts a rich aroma of ripe stone fruits and floral notes, perfectly complementing the miso, black garlic, and carrot flavours in the dish. Its balanced acidity cuts through the creamy sauce and egg yolk, creating a harmonious culinary experience.

Galway’s Vegetarian Scene: Beyond Casual

Galway’s vibrant vegetarian scene extends far beyond casual cafes and pubs. For a truly elevated dining experience, look no further than The Brasserie on the Corner, an award-winning restaurant renowned for its exquisite vegetarian creations.

Take their “Whipped Galway Goats Cheese” as a prime example. Imagine a crisp bed of toasted brioche supporting a dollop of rich, creamy Galway Goats Cheese. Salt-baked beetroot adds vibrant pops of colour, while hints of sweetness from apple and plum syrup create a perfect gourmet balance. Toasted seeds provide a delightful crunch, completing this visually stunning dish that celebrates vegetarian cuisine as an art form.

Yearning For More Vegetarian Delights in Galway

As you explore the foodie havens along the Wild Atlantic Way, make Armorica in Oranmore your first stop. This charming restaurant showcases the bounty of the season with a different vegetarian main course every week. Their dishes, always available as vegan options, are a testament to creativity and fresh ingredients.

This week’s star? A sumptuous Grilled Spiced Cauliflower parsnip puree, roasted carrots, burnt shallots, purple potato crisps, curly kale, baby beetroots and soy sesame seeds. Cais na tire sheep cheese shavings.

Craving Burgers or Chilli, But Plant-Based? We’ve Got You Covered!

Calling all vegetarians and vegans who still miss a good burger! We’ve got just the thing – plant-based sensations that are anything but boring.

The Vegan Sloppy Jane at The Front Door Pub redefines comfort food. Imagine a delicious, smoky-hot veggie chilli piled high on a fluffy vegan bun, layered with crispy baby gem lettuce. Sweet caramelised onions and luscious vegan mozzarella complete the symphony of flavours and textures, proving that vegetarian and vegan food can be both hearty and satisfying.

The Beyond “Beef” Burger at Chef Laura Rosso Restaurant is another winner. This burger features a juicy Beyond Meat patty nestled in a black bun, along with fresh mixed greens, juicy tomatoes, and creamy vegan mayo. It’s a burger so good, even meat-eaters will do a double-take!

Here’s what the Chef Laura says: “When creating our plant-based dishes, we wanted to ensure they deliver both taste and experience on par with our meat options. This Beyond Burger delivers! The patty’s texture and juiciness mirror real beef, leaving many customers questioning if it’s truly plant-based. The black bun adds a striking visual, reminding everyone that trying something vegetarian doesn’t compromise on flavour or enjoyment.”

Woodberry’s Wine Pairing

The perfect burger deserves a perfect pairing says Thomas from Woodberry’s, and this El Goru Organic Monastrell 2021 rises to the challenge. Imagine a glass swirling with dark, black cherry hues accented by vibrant violet. Breathe in its enticingly clean fragrance – a symphony of spices, violets, and juicy blueberries. Take a sip, and enjoy the smooth texture as savoury red fruits dance on your palate. Soft, round tannins and balanced acidity create a harmonious finish, leaving you wanting more.

Why it pairs beautifully: This full-bodied Monastrell stands up to the robust flavours of the Beyond “Beef” Burger. Its richness effortlessly complements the patty’s savoury notes, while the fruitiness cuts through the creamy sauce for a perfect balance. It’s a match made in culinary heaven!

Seeking a family-friendly pub brimming with vegetarian flavours? Look no further than Tom Sheridan’s, where they redefine the idea of a satisfying, meat-free meal.

Showcasing the best vegetarian restaurants in Galway, with Honey Goat's Cheese Salad dish on a white plate, at Tom Sheridan's Pub.
Your Guide To The Best Vegetarian Dining in Galway

Embrace a culinary adventure with their Honey Goat’s Cheese Salad. Imagine: creamy, honey-infused goat’s cheese mingling with crisp baby spinach, bursts of tart cranberry relish, and the sweet crunch of candied walnuts. Juicy pears and sun-dried tomatoes add depth, all brought together by their signature balsamic dressing. Every bite is a delightful dance of contrasting flavours and textures – showcasing the art of vegetarian cuisine.

But the delights don’t stop there! Their menu boasts a variety of tempting vegetarian options:

  • Succulent Vegetarian Sausage Rolls bursting with savoury goodness.
  • Organic Falafel served with warm Nordic Flatbread, perfect for sharing.
  • Tom Sheridan’s House Curry, a fragrant vegetarian twist on a classic comfort food.
  • Mouthwatering pizzas with an array of delicious toppings.

Treat your family to an unforgettable experience. Tom Sheridan’s awaits to prove that vegetarian dining in Galway can be both exciting and satisfying!

Celebrating Chef Jp McMahon’s Seasonal Delights!

Beetroot and Pine Nuts in a blue dish, at Cava, showcasing vegetarian dining in Galway
Beetroot & Pine Nuts by Jp McMahon. Photo Credit: Julia Dunin.

To mark the launch of our guide to vegetarian dining in Galway,’ we’re thrilled to share a captivating recipe by award-winning chef, author, and co-owner of Cava Bodega, Jp McMahon.

Beetroot’s vibrant colour and bursting flavour make it a staple in Jp’s kitchen – click the link to unveil his incredible recipe and discover why you’ll love it too!

Bonus: Enjoy an expertly matched wine pairing by Thomas from Woodberry’s, elevating your culinary experience even further.

Lastly, if you would like to find out more about our member vegetarian options, then keep an eye on our social media – for when we announce our May Galway Food Festival Guide.

Beetroot, Pine Nuts & PX Sherry Vinegar

We are delighted to share a series of vegetarian recipes that showcase the best vegetarian dining in Galway, and we are absolutely thrilled to begin this culinary adventure with award-winning chef – Jp McMahon, co-owner of Cava Bodega and Aniar Restaurant:

“Beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables, and it is something that grows particularly well in Ireland. In Spanish cooking, it is used in a variety of similar ways, from salads to hot and cold tapas. We have served beetroot on the menu in cava in many dishes cooked in various ways and the customers really enjoy it. Beetroot is delicious and the fact that it’s lauded as a ‘superfood’ these days is an added bonus!” Jp.

Beetroot and Pine Nuts in a blue dish, at Cava, showcasing vegetarian dining in Galway
Beetroot & Pine Nuts with PX Sherry Vinegar, by Jp McMahon. Photo Credit: Julia Dunin

The Perfect Match for Beetroot Bliss:

This delightful beetroot dish needs a wine pairing that sings, and Woodberry’s recommendation hits all the right notes: Cantina Altarocca ‘Librato’ Rosso Orvietano 2019.

Woodberry’s Recommendation

Imagine 100% organically grown grapes from Orvieto transformed into a stunning wine. Its color? A captivating ruby red with delicate violet hues. On the nose, it’s intense and harmonious, bursting with rich red fruit and a hint of earthy vegetables. Take a sip, and discover a full-bodied yet balanced experience, where elegant fruit notes mingle with smooth tannins.

Why it pairs beautifully: This wine perfectly complements the beetroot’s earthy and sweet notes. The fruitiness cuts through the dish’s richness, while the earthy undertones echo the vegetable’s character. It’s a harmonious pairing that elevates both the wine and the food.

(Serves 4 – 6)


500g beetroot

a few sprigs of thyme

75g butter

100g pine nuts

2 tbsp PX sherry vinegar

a small handful of chopped herbs (parsley, chive, dill, fennel, etc.)

olive oil

sea salt


1. Lay the beetroot on some tinfoil and season with sea salt and thyme. Wrap the foil tightly together and bake in a 180°C oven until you can pass a knife easily into the beetroot. This will take around 2 hours.

2. Remove the beetroot from the foil and peel. You should be able to do this by hand, but it’s best to wear a pair of disposable gloves.

3. Dice the beetroot.

4. Heat some olive oil in a large pan and add the butter. When the butter is foaming, add the pine nuts and cook briefly.

5. Add the beetroot and season with salt. Continue to stir together with the aid of a spoon to prevent the butter burning.

6. After a few moments, add the sherry vinegar. Reduce to a sticky glaze.

7. Add the herbs into the pan and toss the whole lot together.

8. Serve into four warm bowls.

If you would like to discover where to eat in Galway, then pop over to our Guide to Vegetarian Dining.

From comforting classics to innovative masterpieces, great pasta dishes transform humble ingredients into an unforgettable culinary experience, and NEXT UP – our vegetarian recipes blog feature a delightful pasta dish: Orecchiette Al Crema di Cavolo Nero e Broccoli, by Chef Tony Carelli.  BONUS – Fabulous wine pairing by Woodberry’s. Keep an eye on our instagram feed to find out when this blog is being launched:

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

This week’s blog celebrates ‘A Taste of Galway’ by taking a ‘Walk on the Wild Side’.

So, stick on the kettle – put up you feet, and enjoy a selection of events that took place during our Blas na Bealtaine food festival.

Supporting our local producers is at the very heart of what we do at Blas na Gaillimhe, and we are delighted with how many Galway businesses have joined our network.

As part of our ‘Taste of Galway’ food celebrations, ‘Beechlawn Farm’, based in Ballinasloe, County Galway, held a Biodiversity Walk. Family and friends enjoyed a brief fáilte and walk through the farm, with topical conversations, such as organic farming methods that encourage and protect pollinators, wildlife habitat and biodiversity.

Pop Up Bao Bar @ Aniar

Delicious delights in a bao bun.

Another event celebrating local produce was a pop-up at ‘Aniar Restaurant.’

This event was a huge success! With incredible fillings and fantastic flavours, these fluffy parcels of magic went down a treat!

Highlights of the menu included: crab, buttermilk gel, lime, sea herbs, sea lettuce powder; and pork belly, black garlic purée, fermented kohl-rabi, peanut rayu; with a side of burnt cucumber, pine nuts, sesame seeds, hazelnut miso…

Keep your eye out on our social media platforms, because this pop-up was such a success that there is news in the pipeline!


A Taste of Connemara

There’s no better place to ‘Walk On The Wild Side’ than Connemara!

Inspired by the regions stunning landscape, ‘Brasserie On The Corner’ hosted an event using the finest produce from land and sea, served with exclusive wine pairings.

Coming to the end of our May celebrations, this was a menu that celebrated Galway being one of the best footie destinations in Europe.

Another event that reflects a rich food culture that is shaped by living on the wild West Coast of Ireland, was held at the ‘Pear Tree Cafe & Wine Bar’:

Cheese, Beer and Wine Tasting, with ‘Connemara Brewery‘ and ‘Sheridans Cheese’.

Concluding an incredible month of foodie experiences, where Blas na Gaillimhe highlighted some of the best places to eat and drink in Galway, ‘Cava Bodega’ hosted an amazing ‘Tasting Menu: Spanish Cuisine paired with Estrella Galicia beers.’

Lastly, moving forward we hope to have more educational workshops in November. This was a topic that came up at our Food Forum in April, where we discussed the future of the network with our community.

To kick-start this initiative, our member ATU: School of Catering & Hospitality ran an event in May – ECOSME | Business Sustainability Skills Open Forum for SMEs in the Hospitality Sector.

If you would like to run an event during Blas na Samhain | A Taste of November, then please get in touch

As a community, we are coming together to showcase the best places to eat and drink in Galway, with a focus on locally sourced, seasonally inspired cuisine.

Blas na Bealtaine 2023 – was supported & funded by Galway City Council & EU50.


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